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Community Advisory GroupTo assist in the development of the environmental and engineering studies for the IL Route 31 study, IDOT has formed a Community Advisory Group (CAG).  The purpose of the CAG is to provide input on various study elements including defining needs and alternative development and evaluation criteria. The CAG consists of community leaders from the study area, and stakeholders with expertise or technical interest in environmental, land use, transportation, and economic development that are affected by the study. The responsibilities of this group include providing input to the study process, and reaching a consensus at key project milestones, e.g. project Purpose and Need, range of alternatives to be advanced for detailed study, and the preferred alternative.

Volunteers for the CAG commit to participate in every CAG meeting and are responsible for collaborating with the Project Study Group (PSG), by providing input and working to achieve a general agreement among all interested parties.  A current list of active CAG members for the IL Route 31 Study can be found on this website by clicking the following link: CAG Members.

Tentatively, there are six CAG meetings planned during the study process. The presentation, minutes, and relevant documents (if any) for each meeting will be posted on this website, after the meetings take place, at the following location: CAG Meetings